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Who we are
NKB operates as a full-service investment bank focused on blockchain technology. We are a one-stop solution for our clients - opening the new world of crypto assets and delivering it via the best practices of traditional finance.

NKB Group provides the bridge between traditional finance and the blockchain world.

We help our clients navigate through the uncertainties and capture the opportunity that the digital assets represent. To do this, we have instituted processes and infrastructure in line with the established standards of financial regulation.

NKB Group operates through several divisions, offering end-to-end solutions for corporates, institutional investors, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.


NKB Wealth and Asset Management provides investors access to crypto assets through a robust infrastructure which is compliant with anticipated regulatory requirements.


NKB Brokerage / OTC Desk performs the role of a traditional broker-dealer for digital assets. We facilitate large OTC trades for our clients as well as provide market liquidity and agency trading for selected cryptocurrencies.


NKB Advisory guides corporates in the process of raising funds via utility token and security token sales (ICOs and STOs) but also traditional equity offerings. We provide advice and assistance to our clients throughout the execution as well as continuous post-transaction support.


NKB Principal Investment focuses on supporting private companies and platforms in the blockchain ecosystem. We look for exciting projects and teams that are developing blockchain infrastructure or use blockchain to disrupt existing industries.

Team credentials


Chris Baxter, Founder/Chief Executive Officer NKB Group

  • Chris was a senior M&A deal maker at a leading global investment bank in London
  • Completed over $150bn of M&A transactions as Head of Energy and Power EMEA sector
  • His clients included largest western European oil companies: Total, BP, Repsol, Norsk Hydro


Chris Baxter, Founder/Chief Executive Officer NKB Group

  • Independent investment bank focused on emerging markets
  • As Head of Investment Banking, Chris rebuilt and internationalised the team
  • Chris led the firm’s climb to the top of the IPO and M&A league tables during 2003-07 bull market period of fierce competition from leading global bulge bracket banks
  • During 2008-11, Chris was the CEO of Principal Investments at the firm
  • Chris inherited a distressed portfolio of investments with negligible value and managed the recovery of over $500m for shareholders


Chris Baxter, Founder/Chief Executive Officer NKB Group

  • Largest children’s retailer in CIS
  • Chris acted as Chairman and managed the controlling shareholder’s interest
  • Turnaround led by new management installed by Chris and his team in 2012
  • Previously loss-making company achieved 3 years of dramatic growth
  • Realized a valuation of $1bn plus upon IPO in 2016


Boris Zeleny, Founder/Chairman NKB Group

  • Leading global cyber security company
  • Boris was among the most significant shareholders driving the business and exit
  • Business grew from $5m in revenue to over $300m at time of IPO on NYSE
  • The largest IPO of a CEE company with market capitalisation close to $1bn
  • Intel Capital and TA Associates as investment partners


Boris Zeleny, Founder/Chairman NKB Group

  • No 1 portal in Slovakia with highest traffic
  • Boris was a co-founder and a major shareholder – one of the pioneering investors in the internet technologies in the CEE region
  • Partial exit to Telenor Norway; Boris later bought back his stake to drive the business further
  • Final exit to Deutsche Telekom in 2006


Marina Titova, Head of Advisory

  • One of the first security token offerings done in compliance with Regulation D in the US and Regulation S in the rest of the world
  • Marina led the day-to-day execution of the $10m STO
  • The BCAP token represents an indirect fractional non-voting economic interest in Blockchain Capital’s fourth fund
  • The $10m STO for the fund was raised in less than 6 hours, reflecting strong investor demand for the story


Marina Titova, Head of Advisory

  • Secure identity company
  • Marina led $33m ICO in June 2017
  • One of the first token sales by a US entity that gave small purchasers an even playing field with larger and more established players
  • 8,000 purchasers in total, one of the largest number of purchasers on a single token sale at the time

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