Blockchain Market Update: 7 January 2019

NKB TEAM 07. 01. 2019

Since our latest edition (17th Dec), digital assets have bounced from the yearly lows of $104 billion back up to $146 billion on 24th Dec, representing a 40% spike in the total crypto market cap. From the beginning of 2019, digital assets were ranging around the $130 billion mark, until yesterday’s break out from an ascending triangle which resulted in a 5% gain, pushing the total crypto market price towards $138 billion. Volume has been bouncing in the $10 to $24 billion range, with almost $18 billion recorded this morning. Bitcoin dominance has fallen by 3.5% to 51.5%, with the price tag back above the $4,000 level, a 25% increase since the level seen 3 weeks ago. Ether is back as the second largest asset with an 80% gain since our last update, and is currently sitting at $156. XRP, the third largest asset is up 27.5% at $0.37.

  • Bitcoin’s dominance fell by 3.5% to 51.5%. The total Crypto Market grew by almost 33% and overall volume has spiked by 80% since the 17th December 2018. Bitcoin is up by 7.6%, Ethereum is up by 14.9%, XRP is up by 4.9%, and EOS is up by 10%. The best performers among top-40 crypto were Litecoin (26%), Tron (20%) and Cardano (18.7%).
  • 2018 SEC Recap
  • New York Forms Crypto Task Force
  • Facebook Works on Stablecoin
  • Chinese Miners in Delay with IPO
  • GMO Quits Manufacturing of Miners
  • Italy Forms Blockchain Group
  • Tether has Sufficient Accounts According to Bloomberg
  • DX.Exchange to Digitize US Stocks Market
  • Tokenized Securities on EOS Blockchain
  • Tokensoft Partners with Coinbase for Security Token Custody

Date: 7 January 2019

Crypto MktCap: $138 bn

24h volume: $18 bn

BTC dominance: 51.5%

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NKB TEAM 07. 01. 2019

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