Ethereum review: 2 October 2018

NKB TEAM 05. 10. 2018

Ethereum is the largest by market capitalisation and the most popular platform among developers and ICO fundraisers. Currently, there are 573 ERC20 tokens, and 121 tokens ERC721 issued on the platform. The number of distributed applications launched on Ethereum is c.1500. Ethereum currently has c.40mn unique addresses and the number of transactions is c.750,000 a day.

The idea of Ethereum as a blockchain with the capability to be programmed to perform any arbitrary complex computation was first announced in 2013. Since then, the smart contract feature has made the Ethereum platform the most successful to run fundraising efforts on the blockchain and to create Dapps.

This review is a part of the DLT platforms review by NKB Group.

Date: 2 October 2018

Ethereum MktCap, $bn: 23,856

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NKB TEAM 05. 10. 2018

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