NKB Brokerage / OTC Desk performs the role of a traditional broker-dealer for digital assets. We facilitate large OTC trades for our clients as well as provide market liquidity and agency trading for selected cryptocurrencies.

Our guiding culture and philosophy is to operate on the basis as if regulation is present in the digital asset space. We follow the relevant rules and regulations where they exist and apply the same traditional finance principles where they are yet to be established. The team has a strong background in high touch trading from traditional investment banking and is used to dealing with individual clients as well as institutions.

Buying and selling of digital assets and their conversion into fiat currencies still represents a non-trivial hurdle. The undeveloped regulation in the space combined with the increasingly stringent KYC and AML requirements of banks and regulators create a variety of obstacles and pitfalls for both institutions and individuals.

NKB Brokerage cooperates very closely with the other divisions within NKB Group to deliver the full-service platform for our clients in a seamless way. We provide end-to-end brokerage solutions for OTC deals by matching buyers and sellers of digital assets and fiat currencies as well as providing all the key associated support services. We can also commit risk capital to trades for our trusted clients, and in addition have access to the cheapest and broadest liquidity across cryptocurrency markets.


  • Facilitating OTC transactions

  • Full KYC and AML process for clients

  • Escrow services

  • Trade settlement

Market Making

  • Market liquidity provider for tokens issued by clients of Advisory

  • Dealing NKB capital for clients on selected crypto assets to facilitate trades

  • Seamless conversion of larger size cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice-versa


NKB has partnered with BCB Group to deliver a range of prime brokerage services including OTC trading with best execution. BCB Group is the first digital asset financial services group with dual regulation in the UK and Switzerland and the UK’s fastest-growing OTC trading desk.

Contact us at brokerage@nkbgroup.io
to request our Brokerage services.