Blockchain Market Update: 4 March 2019

NKB TEAM 04. 03. 2019

Following a week of consolidation and several failed attempts to break through resistance, Bitcoin and all major cryptocurrencies plummeted as of Monday morning. Total market cap is down by $6bn to $126bn. Bitcoin has tried to break $3,900 resistance several times, but failed and currently sits at $3,750, representing almost a 4% loss from recent highs. The rest of the major cryptocurrencies have followed the leader, where Ethereum is back below $130, down by 9%, and Ripple is closing the gap, with 0.6% gains. The rest of the top-20 market 24h losses are ranging from 4% - 6%. This week’s best performers among the top-30 assets were BAT (27.4%), Binance Coin (11.5%) and Litecoin (3.6%).

  • Bitcoin’s dominance is up slightly by 0.1% (52.4%), the total market cap is down by 1.7% ($126.4bn)‚ and overall volume is down by almost 2% ($26.4bn) on the previous week. Bitcoin is down by 1.5%, Ethereum by 8.3%, XRP is up by 0.6%, and EOS is down by 7.5%. The best performers among the top-40 crypto were BAT (27.4%), Binance Coin (11.5%), and Litecoin (3.6%).
  • Swiss Bank Julius Baer to Offer Digital Assets Services
  • Bank Frick Launches Institutional Crypto Trading Platform
  • Square Sold More than $166 Worth of Bitcoin in 2018
  • Mizuho Bank to Launch Its Own Coin
  • Ethereum Hardforks Are Live
  • Inveniam Capital Partners to Tokenize $260m Real Estate
  • 30 Global Securities Depositaries Are Exploring Crypto Custody
  • Vladimir Putin Orders Government to Adopt Blockchain Regulation and Plans For Oil-Backed Coin
  • Rhode Island Moves to Exempt Some Tokens from Securities Rules

Date: 4 March 2019

Crypto MktCap:  $125.5 bn

24h volume: $26.4 bn

BTC dominance: 52.4%

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NKB TEAM 04. 03. 2019

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