NKB Advisory guides corporates in the process of raising funds via security token sales as well as traditional equity offerings. We are committed to building long term relationships with our clients by providing the best advice and assistance during the transaction execution as well as continuous support after the transaction.

NKB Advisory leverages the whole of NKB Group’s capability and partnerships to provide the required range of investment banking services to our clients. Our team has developed a unique expertise in capital raisings in the digital asset space while leveraging a wealth of knowledge and experience from traditional capital markets. This is becoming especially important for security token offerings (STOs), which are at the cross-section between digital and traditional investment banking – a space which is NKB’s core domain, allowing us to deliver best-in-class execution to our clients.

Digital finance exists at the intersection of international securities laws and regulatory requirements. Moreover, digital assets issued by corporates represent a new element of the capital structure that requires fundamental expertise.

The STO ecosystem is developing quickly but there is very little standardisation in the process and few full-service providers that can guide corporates through the whole journey. We believe that issuers should not be forced to become experts in law and finance in order to raise funds via token sales. NKB’s suite of services provides end-to-end solutions for our clients which enables them to focus on their core business and growth.


  • Structuring the transactions and financial instruments
  • Guidance through KYC, AML, risk management and compliance
  • Investor outreach and placement
  • Assistance with public relations, community and social media management


  • Token economics design for company business model and capital needs
  • Financial modelling and analysis of token offering impact on P&L, cash flow and balance sheet
  • Analysis of the token offering in the context of the existing capital structure of the company


  • Assessment of issues and opportunities to be addressed by blockchain solutions
  • Custom solutions on top of proven open-source platforms
  • Smart contract development, testing and implementation

Aftermarket support

  • Research coverage

  • Trading analysis and support

  • Smart contract administration

  • Liquidity and hedging solutions

NKB has formed an alliance with TechRyu, a leading blockchain development house. The partnership allows us to deliver full-service blockchain solutions for our clients as well as smart contract configuration and platform roll-out.

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