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NKB Wealth and Asset Management provides investors with access to crypto assets through a robust infrastructure which is compliant with anticipated regulatory requirements. We endeavour to follow traditional market principles of investing, advising and managing financial assets and apply them to the digital world.

We believe that the blockchain investment opportunity now is larger than both the derivatives investing opportunities that appeared in the late 90s and the Emerging Markets investment phenomenon of the early 2000s. NKB Asset Management has put together a team that has depth and experience at the highest level in both blockchain technology as well as investment solutions that institutional investors have come to expect over the last two decades.

Crypto assets as an asset class have performed very strongly in the recent period. Nevertheless, not all coins and tokens have been good performers and investor returns may vary considerably. In addition, there are specific factors such as significant volatility of the assets and differing price quotes at exchanges which compound the risks of investing in the space.

NKB Wealth and Asset Management aims to capitalise on the opportunity while navigating through the risks. We provide our investors with exposure to the long-term capital appreciation of investments related to blockchain technology while reducing volatility through portfolio diversification and investment strategies. Our product portfolio will further develop over time together with the fast-paced changes on the market for crypto assets.


  • Different basket models consisting of several dominant cryptocurrencies, complemented with less known altcoins with potential higher growth rates
  • Allocations based on a number of factors including total market value, volatility, liquidity
  • Full exposure with tactical movements but relatively little turn-over of the portfolio


  • Developed strategy allows investor to benefit from market cycles and speculation on the divergence or convergence of one underlying tradable asset relative to another
  • Provides protection from sharp corrections but also entails risks and technicalities


  • The boom in crypto trading volumes across electronic platforms creates potential for extracting value, particularly when margins in the second-moment pairs trades come under pressure
  • Developed unique volatility strategy within the cryptocurrency space - NKB Wealth and Asset Management team has significant experience with managing volatility funds across traditional asset classes

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