Principal Investment

NKB Principal Investment focuses on supporting private companies and platforms in the blockchain ecosystem. We look for exciting projects and teams that are developing blockchain infrastructure or use blockchain to disrupt existing industries.

The senior members of NKB team have a long outstanding track record of successful investments and entrepreneurship across the technology sector. This has enabled us to build a unique network to source the best opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem globally. We also co-invest with a number of our partners in the venture and growth capital space.

We believe that blockchain is a truly disruptive technology, however only a minority of companies in the space will be ultimately successful. It is therefore crucially important to identify the truly unique investment opportunities in the space.

We have the ability to screen opportunities intelligently based on our deep domain expertise in-house technology capabilities and know-how as well as our Research. We apply strict investment processes in line with our culture and philosophy to bring the well-honed traditional financial skills to the new crypto world.

Investment criteria

  • Seed to late stage – conviction investment

  • $200k to $5m ticket size

  • Primary focus on blockchain infrastructure or projects using blockchain to disrupt existing industries

  • Management team and/or existing business provide clear competitive advantage in the targeted project

The real work nevertheless begins once the project is part of our portfolio of investments.

We use the full scope of NKB expertise and partner network to help the portfolio companies grow, reach new markets and transform their industries. We utilise the broad NKB expertise to shepherd the projects from their roots to successful companies and facilitate exits for the founders and investors.

Support for portfolio companies

  • Blockchain technology expertise

  • Introduction to potential clients and partners

  • Business and finance structuring

  • Fundraising (traditional and new channels)